Quality Check

 Quality assurance is critical to securing the future of your business. As with any type of outsourced process, oversight is necessary to assure quality. We are dedicated to helping you achieve quality products through our unique and multifaceted approach.

 Our staff of quality control specialists and engineers have decades of experience overseeing production of all types of products throughout China.

 Our services include:
 Product Inspections:
 ¢First article and prototype inspections.
 ¢Pre shipment inspections.
 ¢During production inspections.
 ¢Container loading inspections.
 ¢Defect sorting services.
 ¢Full production monitoring services.

 Supplier Evaluations
 ¢Full factory audit (ISO 9000).
 ¢New Product Readiness Review (NPRR).
 ¢Social accountability audit (SA 8000).
 ¢Environmental Audit (ISO 14000).

 Product Safety Testing/Laboratory Testing
 ¢we provide independent third party laboratory and product safety testing.


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